There are some new photos on the Q’ewar site.

Dear Friends of Q’ewar,

There are some new photos on the Q’ewar site showing the medium sized dolls with curly hair, with traditional fiesta dress and village clothing, in addition to a photo of various accessories that can be an addition to the purchase of extra clothing.

As you may imagine, our various Q’ewar doll distributors in Europe and the USA cannot keep an extensive and complete inventory of Q’ewar dolls and accessories at all times. This is due to many factors, two of which are that our doll distributors use their homes as a base and there is not an infinite amount of space available for stock, and that the Q’ewar workers are not at this time producing much more than orders call for.

In any event, I would like to let our Friends know that the lovely Q’ewar dolls now may have deep brown, red, black or blonde hair. The eye colors have been expanded to blue, green and brown. The girl dolls have hair in pony tails, two braids in the front or two braids in the back, any of which can be taken out and re-arranged. The boy dolls have either the traditionally straight hair or the very attractive curly hair.

In the photo of various types of hats, let me just list the names by number:
1. bayeta (traditional rough wool) hat
2. an alpaca cap
3. an alpaca traditional cap with ear flaps called a “chullo”
4. an alpaca hat with a brim
5. a traditional ladies hat called a “Montera”
6. a pullover cap with a pom-pom
7. a felted hat

In the photo of various accessories for the Q’ewar dolls by number are:
1. a hand-woven poncho
2. a bag/purse for the large (14”) dolls
3. a wicker carrying basket
4. a rope made from alpaca fiber called a “soga”
5. a bag/purse for the medium sized (9”) dolls
6. a mini-bambino inside a hand-woven triangular manta/shawl
This duo is usually tied on the back of a large sized (14”) doll.
7. a rectangular manta/shawl with hook and eye to close

We have had some requests to show the various outfits that the dolls are dressed in, but there are just too many to photograph! From the fiesta dress of the Collector Dolls to the overalls of the Bambinos, from traditional as well as more “modern” styles, the Q’ewar dolls enjoy a wide variety in their wardrobe! At this time, ordering a girl or boy doll in traditional dress or one in more modern garb – this would be sufficient information for the distributor. Of course, if you are choosing a Collector’s Doll (in festive dress from various parts of Peru), you can be very specific using the easy-to-use ordering method on the site.

Should you have a very specific order – eye color, hair color, etc., your order may not be able to be filled immediately, as stocks outside Peru vary. However, if you wish, you could identify your preferences and then the doll distributor will do the best she can to fulfill your order from what is available.

PLEASE do write me if you have comments, questions or suggestions regarding the above information. If you have any suggestions for further information on the site, please let me know! (

Warmest regards from us all!
Julio, Lucy and Carmen

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