March 2010

Some exciting news! We have succeeded, as of the 14 of January 2010, in receiving the official approval from the Peruvian Ministry of Education, for the activities of our Kindergarten. “Wawa Munakuy” (giving love to the children – in Quechua) now is officially recognized by the Private Education Institution for the Initial Level (Peru) to attend children between the ages of 3 and 5 years. This month, March, we will begin to function as a recognized school, properly equipped and staffed with a group of three qualified teachers, plus a director.

On par with the official curriculum, we will be gradually implementing these curricula with more content from the Waldorf Education pedagogy. Additionally, we will support our teachers in their continuing education in the Waldorf methods, attending 6 week seminars in the capital city of Lima, around the middle of the year.

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We offer our profound gratitude to Evi and Marcos Lanter and Senora Ruedin, Directors of the Swiss foundation that helps educate poor children. In the same way, we are deeply grateful to Dr. Annette Massmann, of Bochum, Germany for her continual help in the formation of educating our teachers in the Waldorf method, as well as maintaining and improving the infrastructure of Wawa Munakuy.

April 2009

Wawa Munakuy is COMPLETE!

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The ROOF is on the NEW SCHOOL!

 Wawa Munakuy Wawa Munakuy

Wawa Munakuy Wawa Munakuy