The Q’ewar Project has received news that
there is now a non-profit corporation in the USA, called FRIENDS OF
QEWAR. This non-profit can now receive donations for the Project and
the donors will receive a tax exemption from the US Federal Government.
This is a great boon for the Project here in Peru, and we want to
especially thank our Doll Distributor Jean, for her tireless work in
doing the mountain of paperwork necessary to make this all happen!

Please write to me, Carmen, at Qcontact@Qewar.com, for more information.

there are some new photos in the Gallery! Our Webmaster Stephen has
made a new category for the child care room, Wawa Munakuy, and there
are recent photos of the Project in “Some Glimpses…” We will have more
photos of the children coming….

Warmest Autumn/Spring greetings!

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