The Michaelmas September Letter

Some news at last! Apologies to our
friends and readers! Due to unforeseen circumstances, it was not
possible to send off news in August and September. But NOW, here’s the

Firstly, the new bathrooms are finished and in use –
special facilities for everybody! Women, men and children! (plus
showers!)A small workshop for 4-6 doll-makers is also a part of the new
building. The ladies have a grand view of the Valley too!
Charo, our expert professional knitter, now lives in Andahuaylillas
(instead of Cuzco), working at the Q’ewar Project 6 days per week. She
has been awarded a grant from a European Foundation to offer a 2 year
knitting training course. And so twice a month, on Saturdays, 18 of the
Q’ewar doll-makers are taking this professional course in knitting and
design. Sra. Charo continues her work with the ladies that come down
from high villages twice per month on Saturdays and spin, weave
textiles and make sweaters and other clothes for the dolls. She has
taken on quite a bit too, in her role as supervisor for the daily
workshops. She is a great help to both Julio and Lucy.
A new protective shelter at Q’ewar is now being constructed overlooking
the Valley. This will provide good shade cover and screen from the wind
for the weavers who need to sit on the ground and attach part of their
back strap loom into the earth. Later glass will be installed as
protection from rain. This area will also be used as a carpenter’s
shop, with work tables and trestles.
The adobe bricks have been prepared and construction on the artistic
workshop will start in October. This edifice will be specifically for
Julio’s work with the Q’ewar men and women who wish to produce
something more than the handicrafts mass produced for tourist
consumption in Peru. So Julio will guide them in the transformational
process – from producing set crafts to individual and free artistic
design through painting or sculpture. Additionally, this building will
house a kitchen, bathroom and clay/adobe oven for the making of bread –
an activity of the children at the Wawa Munakuy Q’ewar School.
In the Q’ewar Shop on the main plaza in Andahuaylillas, a second floor
will be opened by the first part of October. It will be called “Art
Spirit Gallery” and will exhibit and sell works of painting, sculpture
and engraving, made in the new artistic workshop.
The thrift shop “Lacuna’s Dream” has opened in Vermont. After intensive
work and planning, Margret and Madelaine (her daughter) have opened its
doors to customers. The Q’ewar dolls have a special corner for sales
and an educational display in the shop. A substantial portion of the
profits from Lacuna’s Dream will be allocated to helping the new Q’ewar
school, Wawa Munakuy. We at Q’ewar send our warmest thanks and wish
Margret and Madeleine much success!
The popular called “Nova Natural” will be carrying Q’ewar
dolls in their catalogue, as well as in their Vermont shop – from
November. Q’ewar is deeply grateful for the incredible diligence and
hard work JoAnne has put into this business endeavor. Without her
dedication and perseverance in working out the myriad details, this
development would not have transpired. We look forward to seeing the
new Nova Natural Toys and Craft catalogue!
Since the last writing, five ladies have left the Project for other
work and /or family responsibilities. AND, five ladies have arrived to
fill their places! Q’ewar still has three men working the land and
doing construction. They finished their automotive training recently,
learning mechanics and driving skills.
Corn and potatoes were planted in August, and already the small plants
are thriving. The vegetable garden has been planted and the shoots of
onions, lettuce, carrots and many others are poking their heads out of
the fertile ground.
Please take a look at the Education Page. AND the Photo Gallery will be
added to in a few days. Some very recent photos will show all the
changes on the Q’ewar land.
We send our warmest greetings to all and hope that you continue your
interest and support of the Q’ewar Project. All that you have read
about in this letter are only the bare bones of the inner development
of the ladies and men who are involved in the Project. There is a
greater sense of community as the months pass and we become more and
more a cohesive working group, working for the greater good of each one
– together, yet distinctly individuals, each having their own talents,
personality and gifts. The process of building a community is slow, but
sure, when all are pointed in the same direction!
Warmest regards from Lucy, Julio and Carmen

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