November Notes, 2005

weekend, Nov. 12th, the doll-making ladies of Q’ewar are going on a two
day journey – visiting Qonoq, Chinchero, Maras, Moray and Pisaq. Then,
the following Saturday, Nov. 19th, the Saturday workshop knitters and
weavers will take a day trip to the hot baths in Sicuani. Both of these
trips are a welcome “change of pace” for the ladies who all have been
working so hard the last few months filling many orders for friends of

The second and final shipment to NOVA is being
readied, and Q’ewar especially wants to thank Margret, JoAnne, Jean,
Maureen, Julia, Marcella and Heidi for their orders. And special thanks
to Heidi who obtained an order for 10 dolls to be shipped up to
Iceland! Soon the lovely Q’ewar dolls will find their way from Peru
around the Globe!

The Saturday spinning ladies are now
producing very fine quality alpaca threads. Through the patient
encouragement and guidance of Lucy, the ladies have learned how to make
the fine alpaca strands that form the hair of the dolls as well as
provide wool for the outer garments of the dolls.

Florencia continues to be a familiar face at Q’ewar each day, working
the Spring vegetable and flower gardens with expertise and love. He
also maintains the Q’ewar fields of corn, potatoes and beans which are
flourishing in the graceful Spring rains.

Happily, the roof
has been completed which shelters the Saturday spinners and weavers, as
well as Julio when he has some free time to sculpt in stone or wood
carve. (See the gallery photos) Lucy, as Regidora, continues to work in
the office of the Mayor of Andahuaylillas two days a week, plus doing
all her organizing work in the doll-making workshops. Señora Charo
steadfastly works as a teacher, expert knitter and valued assistant to
Julio and Lucy.

We thank all our friends for their continued
support and especially to those who have written us through the Q’ewar
website ( Please do write us with your comments or

Warmest Greetings,
Lucy, Julio and Carmen

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