July 2017

Dear Friends,

As we are more than half way through 2017, there are many pleasant events that have occurred within the Q’ewar Social Project.

On several occasions we have provided housing and food to three groups of volunteer doctors from the United States, whom came to establish health care campaigns and distribute free medicine to the the people of Andahuaylillas and nearby peasant communities.

The first group, consisting of 21 doctors, nurses, and medical students, lead by Dr. Nicolás Seeliger of the NGO Healing Peru, came from February 13 to February 22. The second medical group of 18 individuals, lead by Emilio Russo, also of the NGO Heal Peru, was with us from February 28 to March 7. The third group of 15 medical volunteers, lead by Dr. Dennis Andrade of the University of California San Diego (UCSD) Voluntary Clinical Faculty, came from June 5 to June 14. We support the work of all these groups of medical experts, providing them with our volunteers for English/Spanish translation, and an average of 8 project members for Spanish/Quechua translation.

From May 22 to June 2, we were joined by professors Alberto Correa and Frances Vig, along with 24 students from the 12 grade of the Waldorf high school of Chicago. They came to volunteer within the project. Their volunteer efforts were varied: helping with the children in the kindergarten, making Waldorf dolls and balls made of wool, climbing the hill to collect straw and make mud adobes, cleaning and weeding the irrigation canal, harvesting and defoliating the corn fields, Upon their return they collectively helped up carry back dolls for our friends.

Professor Gisella Gatica, of the Waldorf School of Pasadena, CA visited us for three days, from April 10-13, along with two students from their Spanish class. Professor Liz Jackson of Vermont, director of Gogi Abroad, also visited us from April 14 to April 19, along with 17 people, among them students, adults, and two children. All of these visitors came with the objective of volunteering within the project and establishing relationships with the children, women and men of the Q’ewar Project.

During the month of August, we will have our usual annual exchange of German volunteers from the Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiner: Lina Masek, who stayed with us for two years, and Annamaria Taubert, will return to their country to continue studies, and the our new volunteers, Paula Reinhardt and Hanna Wichtel, will arrive. We are very grateful for Lina and Annamaria’s excellent work with the project’s children and the camaraderie they developed with the ladies of the doll making workshops. They are currently enjoying their vacation time.
We cordially say goodbye to you all,

Lucy Terrazas and Julio Herrera.

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