Happy Holidays!

Dear Friends,


Yesterday afternoon we had the Christmas celebration with all those involved with the Project; around 80 people in total including children, women and men, plus five German volunteers and a Waldorf teacher from the USA, Teresa Savel, that has come with her son and a cameraman, to film a documentary about the Project, that will be used to collect funds in the USA for the construction of the Q’ewar Primary School. Tomorrow and the day after, we will not work; nor will we work on the 31st or on January 1.


I am sending you as an attached file, the Master Plan for the construction of the future school, created by Warmolt Lameris and Veronica Rondon, architects from the NGO Aynimundo. The school design is thought to provide educational services to 255 children (3 preschool classrooms with 25 children in each room) and six classrooms for the six primary school grades, with 30 students in each classroom).


For the year 2015 our kindergarten is growing in size from 24 children in the two units to 30 children in the two units. We are also modifying their benefit-status, to charge 40 soles monthly for each child. The parents of the students have accepted this and we hope that this will work. They have also expressed their full labor collaboration for when we begin construction of the school.


In regards to the care of the primary grades, we will tell local teachers in the area that have a traditional training, and little by little, we will train them in the Waldorf pedagogy, just as we have been doing with the preschool teachers. Fortunately, this year we have various foreign visitors that are Waldorf teachers and that are gladly coming to collaborate with us, training our teachers.


Dear friends, on behalf of Lucy, myself and all of the Project helpers, children, women and men, we wish you a pleasant holiday season for Christmas and the New Year, together with your families. We also send out deep thanks for everything that you have for us.


A warm, big hug.
Chau. Julio.


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