Andahuaylillas, September 10, 2014

Dear Friends,

It was with great pleasure, that we received a visit from our friend and webmaster Mr. Stephen Nuttall August 6-9, 2014, who was joined by his charming young daughters Trinity and Sura. They live in New Jersey, USA. We shared several pleasant days visiting the doll making workshops and the kindergarten classrooms. We also showed them the progress that’s been made in preparing the land for the future Q’ewar primary school.

These experiences have motivated Stephen to make an updated video that shows the everyday activities inside of the project.  (This video is under production and will be available upon completion.)

We have already entered into the period leading up to the Christmas season when the making dolls intensifies, thanks to various orders that we are receiving from our friends and foreign institutions that year by year collaborate with us to support and maintain our activities.

We started this year with a group trip January 4-9. A total of 32 people, including project members and volunteers, went on an excursion of the cities bordering the Amazon: Assis and Brasileira in Brazil, Cobaija in Bolivia and Puerto Maldonado in Peru. We traveled by plane for the Cuzco – Puerto Maldonado route. For many of the project’s women it was the first time they traveled by plane. In summary, an intensely gratifying experience for all of us.

Many friends and supporters of the project have visited us throughout the year. In April, we have the always appreciated presence of our friend and U.S. representative Prof. JoAnne Dennee, on her 11th visit to the project. Likewise, Prof. Julia Núñez, joined by a group of students from the 10th class of the Waldorf School in San Diego – USA, also visited the project for a seventh time.

During the months of March and April, the Waldorf teacher Ms. Mónica Alexandra (USA) joined the teachers of our kindergarten Wawa Munakuy, sharing with them her valuable experience.

Since the beginning of April we have returned the store the the town plaza, due to an unacceptable increase in the rent. Fortunately, we received the prompt solidarity and reception of the Jesuit priests of the Parroquia de Andahuaylillas, Parish of Andahuaylillas, whom have provided space for the exhibition and sale of our dolls in their lovely stores, one within the interior of the church and the other in La Capilla de Loreto, Chapel of Loreto, next to the Iglesia de la Compañía, Church of the Company, in Cusco.

Also in April, between the 22nd and 30th, Dr. Nicholas Seeliger of the USA, accompanied by a group of 15 people, among them medical specialists and paramedics, conducted free medical clinics for the people of Andahuaylillas. We supported them by providing our volunteers for English/Spanish translation and the project’s women for Spanish/Quechua translation.

The second week of May we were visited by Ms. Bettina Gericke, a member of the Zukunftsstiftung Entwicklungshilfe, from Bochum, Germany. Then at the end of June, professors Thomas Wildgruber (Germany) y Mabel Sepúlveda (Colombia) led a shape drawing course. Twenty-five teachers from Cuzco attended. It is for this educational purpose, that we are finishing the ceramics workshop.

In mid-July, Mr. Florian Osswald, Director of the Education Section of the Goetheanum (Switzerland), along with Waldorf teacher Ms. Christin Brodbeck, and Bettina Vielmetter visited us, in advance of the Second Reunion of Waldorf Pedagogy, conducted in Lima the week of July 20-26. Lucy, Julio, and Carlos Turpo, our music teacher, also attended.

Anke Boehm, a German professor and friend of the project, was with us again between July 10 and August 10. Anke organized several cultural trips to Cusco for the children that attend the project’s evening music classes.

Since mid-August we have had two new young German volunteers, Ina Nennstiel and Vanessa Traue with us. They will be with us for one year, through an agreement with the Friends of Waldorf Pedagogy Institution. A third volunteer will join us October 13, Eleonora Peker.

We now welcome the visit of architect Warmolt Laméris, leader of the NGO Aynimundo, of Lima, who will work with all members of the project for four days, imagining, drawing, collecting ideas and aspirations for the future Q´ewar primary school.

October 22- 28, a group a 19 adults and 4 children from Australia will be volunteering at the project. They will be led by our friend Natalia Perera and her husband Fabio (

We send you all a big strong and warm hug. Chau.

Lucy and Julio Herrera.

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