Q´ewar Vacations

Dear Friends,
Preserving the still pleasant memories of our trip the the jungle of Quillabama, I am sending you a group of seven photos showing images of the splendid trip that we took last week,  Tuesday through Friday, with a group of 26 project members.

The cost of the tour was 311 soles per person, each participant contributed 80 soles and the remaining 231 soles were covered by the kind donations made by friends of the project in Switzerland and the US.

We spent 4 unforgettable days, enjoying the exuberance of the high jungle, visiting the thermal-medicinal springs of Cocalmayo, the archeological site of Huamanmarca, the Amazonic Museum in Quillabamba, the family recreation spot of Sambaray, the coffee route, coca and cacao in the town of Maranura, the waterfall of Tanay/Mandor and the recreation site of Qoritika. Everything was marvelous. We were assisted by a very friendly guide and two tourist vehicles with a capacity for 2o and 7 seats, respectively, that accompanied us at all times. The tour also covered the cost of all the foods and lodging in comfortable hotels.

I bid farewell to you all with a strong and warm hug, reiterating to you our profound thankfulness for all of you that are integrated with the project

Goodbye. Julio

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