Q’ewar primary school

Dear Friends,

Sending you all a warm greeting. I am writing to you all, to discuss recent developments in regards to the progress of the construction of the Q¬īewar primary school.¬†We have already completed the roofing the teacher’s home located at the upper part of the property. I am attaching a few photos that show the progress. We will focus now on work inside of the house.

We have achieved all of this construction effort with our sparse economic resources, coming from the surplus income from the sale of the dolls that we make, however, we cannot advance much more now as the cost of living in Peru continues to increase, and we cannot transfer these cost of living increases to the price of the dolls, which are targeted to be sold in first world economies where prices are stable. Our priority is to attend to the incomes of the women and men of the project, continuously balancing salaries according to the increasing minimum wage established by the government.

For March 2016 we hold the hope to be able to start with the first grade at the primary school. Until then, we have the great challenge of completing the construction of the first two classrooms and bathrooms.

Architects Verónica Rondón and Warmolt Lameris from the NGO Aynimundo, have worked on a pilot proposal and investment plat to achieve this objective, documents that I am also attaching here. The cost of this pilot construction project is $104,926.00.

We have already received financial commitments to cover 75% of this project, thanks to the generous support and solidarity of our German institution friends, connected to the Waldorf pedagogy. We are lacking the remaining 25% of the funds for our budget ($26,231.50). For this, I turn to each one of you, to ask for your much appreciated financial support that will permit us to obtain these funds, for the sake of the education of the boys and girls of our village of Andahuaylillas.

A big hug on behalf of all and our deep appreciation.

Goodbye, Julio.

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