Jesusa needs our help

Jesusa is suffering from a rare illness having manifested first by a large growth
in her right jaw, making her once lovely features quite distorted. The
entire right side of her body is affected as well, by weakness and

Julio and Lucy took things into hand as it became obvious that Jesusa
wanted to stay at the Project and work, and took her to a dental
surgeon for a diagnosis. She evidently has McCune-Albright Syndrome.
Jesusa is in need of care from doctors whose
specialities include opthamalogy, endocrinology and genetics. Because
these professionals are not availble in Cuzco, Jesusa needs to travel
to a medical school in Lima. Q’ewar is hoping to find a benefactor to help defray
the expenses that will be incurred from Jesusa’s surgical procedures
and treatment.

If any of our readers would like to give a helping hand to Jesusa in
the form of a monetary donation, please write and let me know. You can
use the website’s email address and I will respond

Thank you all for your interest and concern in this most unusual circumstance.

Sincerely, Carmen

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