Se├▒orita Esther – Lucky ears

Dear friends,
since a little while we, Regina, Nora, Ina & Indra are working as volunteers in the Q’ewar project.

It’s an organisation that gives work to women, takes care of their kids and wants to improve the living conditions of their families in the village Andahuaylillas. We support the women in the workshops, in the kindergarden and offer English and yoga classes.

A few weeks ago we started to collaborate with Esther. She is a 22 years old Se├▒orita with a smile as big as the sun and the spark of our motivation to create this campaign.

Since about three years she hikes up the mountain almost daily to earn the main income for the whole family, including her 7 siblings and her parents. She is one of the most energetic employees in this project, despite her enormous hearing difficulties – a damaged caused by domestic violence during her childhood.

There is a lack of money and interest to improve her personal situation. The hearing on the right side has reached 0% and there’s only 20% remained on the left side, which will also completely disappear without a hearing aid.

After hours of waiting in hospitals, medical and audiologist practices we finally received some profound medical results to work with. After a lot of ‘lifeblood’ and engagement we even managed to organize a speech therapist.

So the only thing that is missing to her happiness?

This little cute thing costs 3800 Soles (about 1200ÔéČ). This is an amount of money which is not affordable for a disadvantaged Peruvian family.

Are you motivated to be a part of Esther’s fortune?

Even the smallest donation will be appreciated!

Please forward this campaign to everyone who you think might be willing to support Esther as well.

Ina Nennstiel
Iban: DE35 1203 0000 1032 3770 02
Deutsche Kreditbank Berlin

Last possibility to become a part of this, is the 8. March.
For any questions, we are happy to receive your messages!

A very big THANK YOU in advance from Esther, the project and from us!

Ina, Regina, Nora & Indra

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