October 2004

Welcome to the new Q’ewar Website! Thank you for coming to look at our news page!

Since April, Q’ewar has had numerous visitors. JoAnne, our
indefatigable doll distributor and chief spokeswoman for Q’ewar in the
United States, came for about 10 days. Much was accomplished and we
hope to see her again in the Spring (Northern Hemisphere!) of 2005.

Seven students with two of their teachers from the Great Barrington
Rudolf Steiner School in Massachusetts, USA, came for a visit during
their Peru school trip. It was an eye opener for everybody and upon
leaving they presented Q’ewar with a donation of clothes and school

The 7th of May saw the grand opening of the new
Q’ewar Shop on the main square of the pueblo – catty-corner from the
entrance to the famous “Sistine Chapel of the Americas”. Additionally,
Q’ewar acquired a new knitting teacher, Senora Charo Salas, who comes
to the Project with many skills and much experience in the field of
social work. Her efforts to teach the ladies skills which will have
long term benefits are already being demonstrated.

brought the small beginnings of a playgroup for the children whose
mothers craft the beautiful Q’ewar dolls. Senora Vilma, a young mother,
watches over the little ones throughout the working day. This is a huge
step towards the formation of a kindergarten for these children, who in
the past, often spent the entire day unsupervised, roaming the streets
alone or with their fellow urchins.

Raphael, from Germany,
came for 3 weeks to volunteer his services. He worked with the husband
of one of the Q’ewar ladies and made much needed equipment for the new
playgroup – a picnic table with benches plus a swing and climbing set.

Martina, who has spent the last year with Julio and Lucy, left for her
home in Switzerland after spending a little time with her Mother (the
Q’ewar contact and doll distributor in Europe) and Brother who came to
Peru to accompany her home. We will ALL miss Martina very much! Her
energy, enthusiasm and her generosity of spirit made her a much-loved
part of the Q’ewar House.

Because of the incremental
increases in the profits of Q’ewar through doll and shop sales (to date
50 dolls have been sold) since August, the Q’ewar ladies now earn twice
what they first earned in January 2002!!

Now, as we draw near
to Spring in the highlands of the Andes, land is being readied for
planting and irrigation canals are cleared. On the Q’ewar land, we will
have another season cultivating corn and potatoes, using only natural

Julio and Lucy continue to work closely with the
women – attending to all matter of concerns in each family. Since the
last newsletter, 3 of the doll makers had to be asked to leave as they
could not show respect and charity for another woman working at the
Q’ewar House. Many issues come to the fore in this social initiative,
and all must be recognized and addressed. These women, who have lived
their entire lives in extreme poverty, have scars and much heart pain
in consequence of the violence and abuse which has marked each of their
lives in one way or another. The work of Q’ewar has just begun.

A special addendum about one of the Q’ewar ladies will follow. Jesusa
is suffering from a rare disease and there is a need for her to obtain
medical help in Lima, the country’s capital.

We thank all
our friends in Canada, Europe and the USA for their faithful support
and interest in the social initiative of the Q’ewar Project. A special
thank you to Stephen and Seton of the Jersey Web Hosting Company who
donated their professional time to make this new Q’ewar site possible.

Come visit us again to read the news and updates….Julio and Lucy send
their personal thanks and appreciation to each of you!

Carmen, for the Q’ewar Project

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