March News, 2006

The Q’ewar crops are growing in health and beauty, in the same way as the Project itself! The garden is yielding all manner of vegetables to the delight of all. (All the food grown on the Q’ewar land is used either at the Q’ewar House or is distributed amongst the Q’ewar workers. No food is sold in the market.)

January and February found the Q’ewar doll-makers busy as bees filling orders for JoAnne, Jean, Maureen and NOVA. The sister of Julio, Sra. Zoila, arrived from Tacna in S.W. Peru in February bringing with her a family heirloom – a sewing machine! Zoila was an invaluable asset to Q’ewar, teaching cooking skills to a group of Q’ewar ladies. In addition, Zoila spent time each day with the children of Wawa Munakuy, playing games, singing and teaching Maika and Nancy some skills of the pre-school teacher. Zoila herself has some 30 years of teaching experience; and watching her, one could easily see her love and dedication to young children.

Additionally in February, two young Swiss women, Sereina and Stephanie joined Q’ewar to help in the afternoons to prepare orders for shipping, as well as spending time with the children in Wawa Munakuy. They are presently in Cuzco studying Spanish and will be in Peru for a few more weeks.

At this writing, Sally, an environmentalist and researcher from the USA and her translator Shayla, are at the Q’ewar Project for a week of intensive investigation into the production of the beautiful dolls. Sally is working on her Ph.D. and has been enormously impressed with the Project and the humanitarian initiative that it is.

In the second week of March, Q’ewar hosts Caroline from the USA. Caroline will stay for a month to learn all she can about the Project including the social and economic impact on the men and women who participate in the work of Q’ewar. She hopes to use this knowledge as she sets up her own business in the USA to benefit Q’ewar and other initiatives like it.

USA Volunteers Annie and Dan who have been studying Spanish in Cuzco for 2 months will begin their work at Q’ewar with the women and children this month. The ladies are looking forward to their coming!

Construction on another workshop cum living space has restarted due to a spate of dry weather. The rains this year have not been constant and severe in this part of Peru, as has been the case in other years. The carpenter workshop is nearly completed. Only glass panes need to be installed, as the area is too windy to be left open. It will provide a lovely airy, light shelter for woodworking and other outdoor projects. (You can see photos of both these projects in the photo gallery section of the webpage.)

More news: A couple of industrial sewing machines have been purchased and the newest seamstresses will make good use of them as the doll clothes are becoming more and more popular with our doll owners. The success of this year’s Christmas sales was very encouraging. Julio, Lucy and the Q’ewar ladies want to thank all our intrepid doll distributors in Europe and the USA for their enthusiasm and continued solid support. Without their commitment, the Q’ewar Project would not be the success it is today.

And finally, a sincere note of thanks to Dr. Lisa in Switzerland: Dr. Lisa has provided the funds to take care of the extensive dental work on our dear Jesusa (aged 26 yrs.) at the Project, and little Alex (aged 4 yrs.), son of Bety – a Q’ewar workshop manager. The humanitarian donations that Q’ewar has received in the four short years of its life have truly changed the lives of those who have come to Q’ewar. This is the ultimate goal of the Q’ewar Project– to help those in extreme poverty to lift themselves up to find a new way to live and trust, and to have new hope for the future – for themselves and for their children.

Warmest greetings to all our Q’ewar Friends!

Julio, Lucy and Carmen

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