January, 2011 Update

Happy Holidays to all of our Friends of Q’ewar!

December 17th was the last day of the school year for Wawa Munakuy.  In the afternoon, Julio and Lucy had a festive gathering with the school parents and children with special Christmas bread called “paneton” and hot chocolate.  It was a joyful time for all.

On December 22nd, all the workers in the Q’ewar Project had an afternoon Christmas festival.  For the women who work on Saturday at the Project, gifts of bed blankets were given to each.  The children of Wawa Munakuy each received a gift of a new sweater and the older students received bathroom towels.  The men and women who work each day at the Project were given rain jackets as well as receiving money for their Christmas vacation and a Christmas bonus.  Games and hot chocolate kept everyone in the festive mood.  The Q’ewar workshops will be back in action on January 7th when the women return from the holidays.
Q’ewar Saturday workers, parents, visitors and friends of Wawa Munakuy were treated to a Nativity play put on by the children December 23rd.  Have a look at the photos below! There are more photos in the photo gallery. 


During the vacation period, the interior of the school will be newly painted with a rose color in the technique known as “lazuring”.  It is a beautiful method whereby the walls take on a depth and play of color which adds greatly to the aesthetics of each room.  Volunteers presently at Q’ewar will be of great help in completing this project in good time.2011 will be a busy year for the Q’ewar Project.  Visitors from Chile will be coming for a week in February as well as a Canadian group of three Waldorf teachers who will be collaborating with the teachers in Wawa Munakuy.  They will work in the Project for about a month, until the end of March.  Stay tuned for more news as we enter a very exciting new year at Q’ewar!  We wish all our friends around the world a prosperous and joyful New Year, with the warmest of thanks for your past and continued support of the Q’ewar Project.Kindest Regards and Greetings to All!
Julio and Lucy
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