April 2008

Autumn has come to the Southern Hemisphere. The fruits of the earth are being harvested and the rains have ceased……now, the cold weather is setting in. Senor Julio, Director of the Q’ewar Project, has sent news of the past 3 months and here are some of the high points.

The Q’ewar workers had a much needed two week vacation at the end of January, and the beginning of February. Usually they are able to take the vacation during the Christmas holidays and New Year, but this year, there were too many orders to fill and work to finish before they could take a break!

For three months, Ms. Anke B., a teacher from Germany, helped out each day with the children in Wawa Munakuy, as well as doing therapeutic movement work with the doll makers. Friends from Vermont- Madelaine, Jan and Monique- arrived for their second visit and participated in the life of the Project for six days in February. Additionally, Dr. Delphine P. an osteopath from France, generously shared her expertise and practical art with all at the Project for nearly two weeks, and her contribution was greatly appreciated. Miss Martina L. from Switzerland also paid a visit to Q’ewar in January, staying for 1 ½ months. She had lived at the Q’ewar House for a year (2003-2004), going to school and working with the women of the Project. Everyone was so excited to see her again and to hear all her news.

One adjunct to the life of the volunteers is that after spending time working with the Project women and children, volunteers are often asked to sponsor a child in Baptism, an honor many accept graciously. The Q’ewar women feel a close bond to those friends and volunteers who have done so much to help the Project further its growth and development as a social initiative. The sponsoring of a child at Baptism further compliments the ties.

There have been a few changes in workshop duties. But Senora Lucy, who keeps a close eye on all the workshops, likes to accommodate the women when they want to learn a new skill, or just take a break from the type of work they’d been doing. Additionally, if a woman has family sickness or difficulties, she is given time off to take care of things, and then may come back to work. Sometimes this calls for maybe 3 months of being away, but when she is ready to return, there is always work to be done!

The construction of the new schoolhouse for Wawa Munakuy is proceeding well. (Please go to the Education Page and see the newest photos!) During the dry season, which has begun, the workers will not be hampered by inclement weather, and progress will continue at a faster clip.

Some important news is that the Q’ewar Project now has a product Distributor in Australia! Courteney has close ties with the Waldorf School Movement and is finding many interested buyers for the beautiful and exquisitely made Q’ewar dolls in her country. Thank you Courteney for all the work you’ve done to make this happen!

And, Thank You to all our friends and supporters around the world!

Autumn/Spring Greetings to everyone!

Julio, Lucy and Carmen

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