1 May 2005

It has been a busy
month indeed! Since Sra. Lourdes’ return to Lima, Sra. Jesusa continues
to hold the reins of Wawa Munakuy School with Tina, our intrepid
volunteer, who helps with the older children in the afternoons. In the
mornings, Tina helps Julio or the ladies in the doll workshops.
April 10th, JoAnne, our famous doll distributor from Vermont, debarked
in Cuzco for a whirlwind stay of 11 days at Q’ewar. JoAnne observed,
guided and taught kindergarten techniques to Sra. Jesusa and Tina. A
teacher of 30 years experience, JoAnne has spent the last 12 years as a
Waldorf kindergarten teacher. She worked tirelessly to bring more
harmony and pedagogical technique into Wawa Munakuy for the welfare of
the children who attend.
Our Tina, by the way, fluent in four languages, was absolutely
invaluable as a translator. She worked closely with JoAnne, translating
stories as well as techniques and plans into the Spanish language.
These records will be invaluable to Sra. Jesusa when Tina finishes her
volunteer stint at Q’ewar.
The esteemed Grandmother of Q’ewar, Ms. Margret, arrived on April 15th
– her first visit since initially meeting the Project in 2002.
Margret’s visit was more tranquil, but nevertheless, she quickly took
the kitchen over from Wilma, cooked and made some of her famous healing
salves and potions. Sharing knitting ideas with the Q’ewar knitting
teacher, Sra. Rosario (Charo), was great fun for all to watch!
Both JoAnne and Margret filled their emptied suitcases (where donated
clothing and needed items had been brought) with new Q’ewar dolls
looking for homes in the USA.
Harvesting continues, nights are becoming colder little by little and
the rain has finally stopped – heralding in 7 full months of the dry
season. All of us at Q’ewar look forward to the promises of the winter
months here in the Southern Hemisphere.
Autumn/Spring greetings to our Q’ewar friends all over the world! From Carmen, Julio and Lucy

p.s. Look for the letter from JoAnne in the Education section…

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