The Project is Growing!

Q’ewar sometimes has Saturday visitors who are warmly welcomed to meet Lucy, Julio and the ladies of Q’ewar, observing the works in progress. They are always invited to join the communal lunch which is a happy affair with lots of food! There is a
wonderful spirit of community felt by the visitors and no one can leave
Q’ewar without knowing they have experienced something truly unique.

Even though the Q’ewar Project is only a few months old, Julio and Lucy have
made contacts in the USA and Europe, who are enthusiastic to sell the
products of Q’ewar. There is a quiet patience about this “business”
side of the primarily social concerns of the project, yet all are very
happy to know of the warm interest of our friends in and outside of
Peru. Always bearing in mind the primary work of helping the women lift
themselves up – little by little – with love, patience and education.

We are grateful for the support and enthusiasm of our friends in both
hemispheres and hope that you will write us with your comments,
suggestions or interests in ordering dolls or sweaters. In the next few
months, Q’ewar will be able to put more information on this web-page
about the sweaters – sizing, designs and how to order.

Lucy, Julio, the ladies of Q’ewar and all their friends, THANK YOU for your
interest in this extraordinary and wonderful work-in-process!! We hope
to hear from you!

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