October, 2007

October, 2007

Dear Friends of Q’ewar,

Autumn/Spring Greetings to our readers around the World! The Q’ewar Project is moving into high gear with all the Christmas orders coming in! The lovely Q’ewar dolls are beginning to be a very popular item in Christmas Craft Fairs and Fetes!

Over the past months, since the last newsletter, there have been a number of volunteers, helping out in various ways, essential to the continued vitality of the Project. Alister, a civil engineer and his wife Frances, from England, have stayed a month. This month, Quinn from Canada will be working, along with Anke from Germany, a teacher of many years experience, who will stay three months. Q’ewar is indeed grateful for the help of the volunteers who bring new ideas, new energy and wonderful changes to everyone in the Project.

New Qewar Dolls New Qewar Dolls

The trench for the new Wawa Munakuy schoolhouse on the Q’ewar property, has been completed and construction is now underway. The initial work is putting in a strong earthquake-proof foundation of cement and stone walls. This work is being supervised by experts in Andean building.

The photos on this news page were taken by Senor Julio and they represent the most recent examples of the Q’ewar dolls and outfits. We hope you enjoy them!

New Q'ewar Dolls New Qewar Dolls

We send our thanks to all who have been contributing in so many ways to the success of the Project – in small ways, in big ways. Each has a place, each is genuinely appreciated. To those who have sent in donations via the Q’ewar website, many many thanks. Each contribution is a help in raising the schoolhouse for the children of the Q’ewar women and the children of the Village. Without the help and supportive interest in the Project by so many around the world, the Q’ewar Project would not be as vital and Spirit filled as it is! Special thanks to Stephen, our intrepid Webmaster who has crafted the beautiful Q’ewar website.

New Qewar DollsNew Qewar Dolls

Warmest personal greetings to each and every one of our Friends and Readers! Julio, Lucy, Carmen

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