News for March 2010


Dear Friends, Warm greetings to you!

Two months into the new year of 2010, we are in the height of the rainy season with an abundant expression of the natural world – the greenness of the mountains and the bounty of the earth: corn, potatoes, fruits and vegetables – received through the generosity of Pachamama, the Earth Mother. Additionally, she has brought difficulties in the frequent very heavy rainfall this season, which has sometimes made the rivers overflow, flooding the agricultural land and causing the destruction of rural houses made only of mud and stone (huaycos). This flooding as well, has interrupted the flow of traffic on the roadways and railways in different parts of the Cuzco region.

On the outskirts of our village of Andahuaylillas, the Vilcanota River – (which is the same river that snakes around the citadel of Machu Picchu) as well as other smaller tributaries of the Vilcanota- has flooded its banks and caused the destruction of housing made of mud and straw. Numerous parts of the population in these villages have had to relocate to higher ground and are receiving help from the State, with regards to tents and food. The women of the Q’ewar Project, understanding and sensitive to these problems, have organized days of help for their neighbors, carrying rations of cooked food to them, as well as bringing them used clothing.

The location of the Project is on a hill above the main part of the Village of Andahuaylillas and for this reason has not suffered any damage from the harshness of the rains. But we are attentive to the circumstances, hoping to prevent any potential disaster. The inner life of the work of the Project carries on normally, fortunately given the various orders for dolls and knitted clothing that we have been receiving from our friends around the world.

Some exciting news! We have succeeded, as of the 14 of January 2010, in receiving the official approval from the Peruvian Ministry of Education, for the activities of our Kindergarten. “Wawa Munakuy” (giving love to the children – in Quechua) now is officially recognized by the Private Education Institution for the Initial Level (Peru) to attend children between the ages of 3 and 5 years. This month, March, we will begin to function as a recognized school, properly equipped and staffed with a group of three qualified teachers, plus a director. On par with the official curriculum, we will be gradually implementing these curricula with more content from the Waldorf Education pedagogy. Additionally, we will support our teachers in their continuing education in the Waldorf methods, attending 6 week seminars in the capital city of Lima, around the middle of the year. New photos of the dedication ceremony are located in photo gallery.

We offer our profound gratitude to Evi and Marcos Lanter and Senora Ruedin, Directors of the Swiss foundation that helps educate poor children. In the same way, we are deeply grateful to Dr. Annette Massmann, of Bochum, Germany for her continual help in the formation of educating our teachers in the Waldorf method, as well as maintaining and improving the infrastructure of Wawa Munakuy.

For two months, we have had the vital, enthusiastic and constructive impulse of a young volunteer, ex-alumni German Waldorf student, Demian Kleinert. Demian has been engaged in making wooden toys for our school children as well as constructing outside equipment for the school – swings, teeter-tauter, climbing frame and a sand box – all constructed of native wood.

Another three volunteers have been with us for our daily work. Mr. Renato Bon, ex-Italian Waldorf teacher, has been giving talks to us about Anthroposophy as well as helping with the children at the school. Carolin Rieger, a young German volunteer from the Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiner e.V. will have been with us for a year, at the end of July, giving classes in English to the young children of the women who work during the day at the Project. She also has been introducing the Project to the tourists who visit the Q’ewar shop as well as helping with the children. Alexandra Erth, a young German, is at the Project, finishing writing her thesis on psychotherapy in the mornings, and helping in the Q’ewar workshops in the afternoons.

We have undertaken the construction of an open air classroom that can serve multiple uses. This will be on the edge of the outdoor recreation area for the children. We are grateful for the generous donation from the Agrupacion Catolica de Senoras de Habla Hispana, from Biel, Switzerland. Also we are finishing the construction of a room and bathroom on the upper part of the land, where we will be able to offer comfortable accommodation to the growing number of visitors and volunteers who through their interest become involved with the activities and life of the Q’ewar Project.

We say goodbye to you for now, with much affection and gratitude.

Julio and Lucy

(with Carmen translating)

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