March NEWS!

Dear Friends of Q’ewar,

It’s almost SPRING/AUTUMN! There is lots of news from February to tell you about.

The Q’ewar Project happily welcomed visitors from the U.S.A. early in February. Longtime advocate for Q’ewar and salesperson extraordinaire, Ms. Margret paid her third visit to the Project. Joining her were her daughter Madelaine and friend Jan. Staying almost a week at Q’ewar enabled the visitors to see first-hand how the Project works plus get re-acquainted with the Q’ewar doll makers in the various workshops. Three children of the women who work at Q’ewar were baptized and Ms. Margret, Madelaine and Jan became “Madrinas” or Godmothers to them. It was a joyful week for all!

More possibilities are opening up for the construction and furnishing of a small school to house Wawa Munakuy on the Q’ewar land. With the help of friends in Europe and the U.S.A., this long-held dream to provide high quality education for the children of the Q’ewar workers seems to be coming slowly into being. We are all grateful to those who are helping Q’ewar in this deeply needed project. We will keep you informed as to its progress.

Towards the end of February, a volunteer from Germany joined the crew. Johanna is an enthusiastic and greatly welcomed addition as her help is much needed in child care at Wawa Munakuy during the rainy season and “summer vacation” from school. Additionally, Director Julio’s sister Zoila came up from Tacna, Peru to teach cooking skills to the women of the Project. Zoila is a primary school principle and tries each year to come to Q’ewar for a week or so and give of her expertise in education and cookery!

Between the 17th and 26th of February, Senora Nidia, the Wawa Munakuy head teacher, attended the Shiller-Goethe Institute in Lima. The Institute is a Waldorf educational training center and Senora Nidia attended a workshop for teachers of young children.

From the 27th of February, and staying at Q’ewar for a month, is a Waldorf kindergarten teacher from Bern, Switzerland. Ms. Rachel will be guiding Senora Nidia and her assistants to put into practice some of the Waldorf school techniques and methodology. This very practical training support is essential to help the children grow and learn in a wholistic way because the Peruvian school system lacks sufficient well-trained teachers, school facilities, books and the most basic of supplies.

If any of our friends and readers would like to contribute to the building of the new Q’ewar schoolhouse, please feel free to send a donation to FRIENDS OF QEWAR. All donations are (USA)tax-exempt and any amount you can send (via Paypal on the website or by check) would be greatly appreciated. Please see the “Donation” page on the Main Menu of Q’ewar’s website ( information on how you can help support this greatly needed school initiative.

For our European readers, please see information on the lower part of the “Donation” page for detail on where to send your donation.

Thanking each and every one for their interest and continuing help in making Q’ewar the vital Project that it is – all of us at Q’ewar wish you a challenging and fulfilling month of March!

With warmest greetings, Lucy, Julio and Carmen

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